7 Things I Learnt From Watching The Most Anti-Climactic Fight In Boxing History


Their bromance goes like this – Manny likes the closeness, Mayweather loves the distance. ©YouTube

I paid for the pay-per-view subscription, no questions asked.

I silenced my phone. WhatsApp chat groups and throwaway opinions be damned.

I poured the spicy chips into a bowl.

I was determined to watch two prize fighters rearrange each other’s faces.

But watching the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight made my brain angry.

I don’t get excited about boxing, but the backstory read like an irresistible Oscar Best Picture contender. The Pacquiao rags-to-riches story, the Mayweather dodging and excuses, the dramatic finger pointing. Even how Manny looks like an angry Elmo when he fights.

The most lucrative fight in boxing history – with a purse of more than US$400 million – took all of 15 minutes to become the ultimate let-down. Mayweather won on technicalities. He had so much swagger he tried hugging Pacquiao into submission.

But the optimist in me believes there’re life lessons in every event. Here’re 7 things the most underwhelming boxing match in the history of the sport showed me.

1) You don’t need to be popular to win.

That is the dysfunctional stuff of Disney movies. Mayweather cruised by with surgical precision to score the points he needed. In his mind, he wasn’t paid to entertain. He was paid to win. And just because you’re popular (like Manny) doesn’t mean you’re the man for the job.

2) You need cunning to beat cunning.

Manny was my man. He was emblematic of Asian Pride. The dude has upset opponents from beyond his weight class, many times. He’s an all-round nice guy and goofus with a heart of gold. But he lacked cunning. That was his downfall.

3) If you have enough people telling you you’re the best, you will think you’re the best.

Mayweather has more “Yes” men in his crew than a basketball team, probably because he’s paying their bills and ex-wives maintenances. They’re just standing around, idiotic and neanderthal, like lumps of cancer, sucking up to tiny peen Mayweather and staying alert for the cameras (I’m talking to you Justin Bieber). If you have confidence issues, get your cheerleaders.

4) Money isn’t the thing.

Sometimes, you need to ignore the psychotic amount of money others are making to focus on your own game. Mayweather and Manny made around US$14,000 PER SECOND in the ring. Total payday? Nothing less than US$180 million for Mayweather and US$120 million for Pacquiao. *flips keyboard and goes to the kitchen for a snack*

5) It’s not how others see you that matters, it’s how you see yourself.

Mayweather thought he was better than Muhammad Ali. Nobody thinks so, but it didn’t matter. Likewise, Manny Pacquiao thought he won the fight. That kind of positive thinking will get you anywhere in life.

6) Excuses are never good form.

They will remain as excuses. When Manny blamed his busted shoulder for losing the bout, my soul winced. He didn’t need a reason, because the world watched the fight. Spitting it out for the record merely devalues his efforts in the ring. Why say it when it has no influence on the outcome of the fight? 

7) Human drama sells.

American sports TV has always been legendary in its hype marketing. We were suckered into wanting a righteous ending. The match was made on the opinions of bystanders. The documentaries leaked on YouTube. The HBO specials. Evidently, the ticketing and ratings machinery will in NO WAY guarantee the quality of the actual fight. The story was great, but the fight? Meh.

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