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Some things are a pain to wait for – graduation, your first car, that long annual leave. Who has the patience these days? We live in an age of instant gratification, which translates into immediate satisfaction.

Imagine getting bushed from a hard day’s work, and you’ve retreated into your favourite watering hole. What do you need? Yes. Instant gratification.

One of my favourite gratifications is Heineken, an easy, satisfying beer enjoyed in more than 199 countries. It is one of Singapore’s most popular premium international beer, mainly because it’s a well-balanced and smooth lager known for its pure and consistent quality.


Hard to believe, but I’m a certified Extra Cold Heineken Pourer now. Love it!



When I heard the brand was launching an EXTRA COLD version of the beer at Kyo, I couldn’t pass up on the chance to experience the new draught beer. We’re talking about draught beer so refreshing and invigorating that it has to be served at sub-zero degrees. In fact, for the optimum taste of icy refreshment, the beer is served between -3ºC and 1ºC.

One of my pet peeves at the bar is sipping warm beer. Sipping warm beer is equivalent to torture because it tastes flat and bitter. Thankfully, Heineken Extra Cold is the game changer.

In fact, the frosty mug stayed so cold I had to put the pint down because my fingers were going numb from the grip! I can’t think of a better beer that stays cold longer at the club, during live sporting events, at the beach, or your favourite post-work bar. Few things are more frustrating than stale, lukewarm beer.


You can’t not have a ball when there’s brilliant company and extra cold Heineken.



There’s something uplifting about the promise of an extra cold beer. It helps reset the body, easing it into relaxation. Heineken’s Extra Cold Beer (served between -3ºC and 1ºC) is magical to the sip. For those of us used to regular Heinekens served between 1ºC and 4ºC, this will taste surprisingly different, in a good way. It’s ice-cold, crisp and undeniably smooth.

Bear in mind, not all beers can be chilled to such low temperatures. Heineken’s high quality and precise formula makes it a unique brew that maintains its excellent taste at such low temperatures.

In a sweltering climate like Singapore, where the sun smacks down all year round, having a fresh beer that taste cold down to the last sip is nothing short of a miracle (that’s if you don’t take an hour to finish a pint).


Check out how the draft beer towers are absolutely frozen. I can’t let it go.


Watching the beer being poured into the frozen glass is fascinating simply because the liquid is so cold there is thin coat of ice formed around the draught beer font. Being one of the world’s best beers, Heineken Extra Cold is served on tap and maintains the same intense taste and temperature for longer, so the taste remains smoother, more accessible and easier to enjoy.

The most refreshing aspects of a knocking back a good beer is how great the company is, plus how cold it gets as it runs down your throat. Heineken’s Extra Cold Beer satisfies both. Just don’t hold on to the pint for too long. Numb fingers are useless fingers.