Hello, Is This Rude?

I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but at some point in the last few years, it became rude to call someone.

I’m saying this because I’m getting lots of calls from phone numbers I don’t recognise, and it’s invasive.

Why are they calling me when it’s 2014, and there are at least a dozen ways to reach me without me speaking a word? What happened to texting me on WhatsApp, direct messaging me on Twitter, or Facebook or WeChat or Line, or the half-dozen other texting apps that are out there? Wait, how did they get my number?

The sound of my phone ringing makes me tentative, uncomfortable. Are you calling me to tell me you’re lying semi-conscious in a ditch, and you can’t text?

Ironically, the polite ones are those who text you to say, “Hi, can I call you in 10 minutes for a chat?” What a considerate person!

I remember when cellphones became a thing. Friends would jab me in the rib when someone with a cellphone walked by. People COULDN’T WAIT to pick up phone calls. It was a grand gesture, picking up phone calls.

You had to let it ring for a while so that everyone within a 30-metre radius knew you had a cellphone, and then pick up with a agitated expression to suggest you’re constantly buggered by calls, but that you can’t help it. Because YOU picking up calls saves lives.

It sounds lame now, but dudes with cell phones were players. Hustlers. Bosses. It’s hard to imagine now, but they would talk to a telemarketer for a FULL minute just to look important.

Then hang up when the free minute was up.

Cell phones told everyone, “Everyone needs to contact me ‘cos I’m the man.”

Making a phone call used to be a big deal. Now, everybody has a phone in their pocket or handbag. And it’s an annoying thing that goes off in restaurants, cinemas, airports, spas and any other place that is better off quiet. So before you use what the phone was made for – to make calls – think about whose peace you’re shattering.