Mixing It Up With Lipton

I’ve always thought of “afternoon tea” as a very traditional affair. Fond memories of this pastime have always been at luxuriously but conservatively appointed tea rooms in fancy hotels, where a meticulously dressed butler with a handle-bar moustache would offer you a selection of the house’s finest and most delicate pastries served on a silver three-tiered cake stands. These were lovely experiences you had to get dressed for.

Fortunately, the tea-sipping experience has been updated, thanks to the growing number of home-styled mixologists and baristas, and hipsters who refuse to call themselves mixologists and baristas. On a wet but cosy afternoon in a beautiful colonial space off Mount Pleasant Drive, we were introduced to some refreshing new ideas on tea drinking at home. Truth be told, I never knew there was so much you could do with the pyramid tea bag from Lipton and its wide variety of mind-boggling flavours. Each flavour just sounds better than the last.

img_2991 (1)


The “star” mixologist for the day was the effortlessly charming George Young, who has partnered cocktail specialists The Cufflink Club to create some of the most memorable sensations you could find in a tea cup – 16 unique recipes of Lipton Mocktails and Cocktails, to be exact.


I was amazed at how simple it was to turn the Lipton tea mocktail/cocktail recipes into something ideal for a small party. Simple steps with fantastic results in barely five minutes. All you need to do, for example, is mash cranberries with a strawberry or two, and, once mixed with a Yellow Label Fruit Tea and shaken with generous servings of ice cubes, you’d have the refreshingly citrusy Fruitea Red Crush. The drinks are pretty, tasty and they’re bound to be a surefire hit with guests, or work great as a beverage for curling up with a good book.

Check out the Lipton Facebook page for more tea recipes, ideas, and tips on your next #LiptonMomentsSG self-styled drink. Cheers!