Skinny Jeans Are Dead. Long Live Skinny Jeans.

If you’re able to appreciate the relaxed state of denim wrapped around Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue in the Levi’s campaign, the answer should as clear as an inappropriate camel toe. Yes, skinny jeans seem to be going the way of twerking. Are people finally tired of struggling to pull off their jeans when they get home? Are they bored with looking like they’re wearing scuba pants everywhere?

Either way, this bodes well for men who struggle daily with overly large calves and can no longer pretend to be a Dior Homme runway model or that guitarist from The Strokes. Not only are sales of skinny jeans at major retailers grinding to a halt, but it is increasingly evident that men have many options to go beyond the slim-fit jeans, the skinny jeans, and ultra-skinny jeans.


Did you hear that? That is the creepy sound of your man-sacs high-fiving each other in celebration. Yes, they can finally swing free instead of being smothered to your crotch!

What can a laid-back, self-respecting man do to avoid the slippery slope of dressing half his age, or half his gender?  There are relaxed chinos, jogger pants, dressy sweats, stylish pyjamas, swim shorts… it’s a well of ideas that is not running dry anytime soon. Just look at what Shawn Yue is doing, layering denim on denim for that rugged, devil-may-care attitude.


Wear your denim clean, high-waisted, embellished, low-rise or stone-washed, just wear it roomy. It is high time you and your crown jewels breathe again. Just don’t smile coyly while tilting your head for a selfie. That will ruin everything.