This Private Gym Off Orchard Road Is An Introvert’s Dream Come True


I try to keep the habit of fitness, you know, exercising, having a balanced diet, and all that jazz. It’s a structure I try to live better with. Alcohol and late nights are so 2010.

As much as I keep to an exercise routine, some gyms can be a nightmare to step into, especially during peak hours. You know what I’m talking about, those 12-2pm, 6-8pm golden hours of gym horrors.

In large gyms in town, there will be 40 angry people pounding the treadmills, while the machines are drenched with a mixture of hangover sweat and work-induced stress. People are rushing into the changing rooms, cranking out their workouts and, literally fleeing the gyms afterwards.

Over in the corner, dead lifters are grunting their best impressions of gorillas on steroids, slamming the weights and chest-bumping each other. The cardio classes are filled with pumped-up, screaming aunties fighting off imaginary sex offenders.

Then there’s the post workout stress. The line at the shower is longer than the queue at your favourite chicken rice stall at lunch. You are forced to breathe into enough hairy backs to last two lifetimes, and inhale the sickly vapours of those $7-a-can drug-store deodorants. (By the way, that cheap stuff can cause a whole lot of health problems). I strongly suggest you stop using them if you’re older than the target audience of teenage boys.

Luckily for me, for the last couple of months, things changed. The kind people at the Shangri-la Hotel Singapore let me experience their all-access health club membership that quite possibly, saved my routine.


This is the view from the treadmills. This is low-key running if you ask me. It’s like staring at an oasis of calm. An eye-chart of happiness.

The hotel’s pool lies beyond the green. It’s great for easy, post-work runs. Unlike in the commercial gyms in town, you won’t be pressured to turn it up to 15 while seeing gym rats pile up behind your machine.


Located on the ground floor of Shangri-la’s Tower Wing, the gym provides a membership program that comes with all-day access to the swimming pool – which the gym overlooks. It’s a spacious, state-of-the-art set up that offers cardio machines like treadmills and stationary bikes; half rack and weight stack machines, fit balls, free-standing punching bag and even a Jacob’s ladder.


See? Thanks to its exclusive location and premium plans, the gym is never packed. That has to be its biggest plus. Peak hours happen between 6pm and 8pm on weekdays, and most weekend mornings.

Other Benefits Of The Health Club Membership:

Usage of the relaxation areas, lockers, shower facilities, sauna, steam room and the Jacuzzi in the changing rooms.

You’re also entitled to a free PT session with the gym’s trainer, and a 60-minute massage and treatment at Chi, The Spa. So many bonuses!

There are tennis courts if you’re feeling like Federer, with 15% savings on spa treatments at Chi, The Spa, and 15% on all dining bills at the hotel’s restaurants and bars, which include The Line and The Waterfall Cafe. Parking is complimentary on every visit, and every member is given five complimentary day-passes for accompanying guests.


The gym’s surroundings are a balm on the stressed-out executive. It offers the right amount of relaxation to focus on your reps.

The gym’s surroundings are a balm on the stressed-out executive. It offers the right amount of relaxation to focus on your reps.


Kettle bells, for building cardio strength and muscle flexibility. It’s all in the grip and posture, son.


The right exercise kit is important, so don’t hate on my Adidas Ultraboosts.


At this health club, grinding out those reps become a scenic affair.


This Jacob’s Ladder works literally every major muscle group in your body. Once you get pass the initial awkwardness on the machine, you should be on a steady, never-ending climb to a proper sweat-fest.


See these dumbbells? They build muscle mass and measure the amount of dignity you have in your man-guns, pecs and back.


You can also measure your body’s fat content on this machine. Be warned, the truth hurts sometimes.


An artful shot of the stationary bikes. See how the negative space gives this frame a textured depth-of-field? Enjoy the space and crunch those abs!

Health Club Membership Rates start from S$3,210 for Day-Access packages, and S$5,350 for All-Access Packages.
Make an appointment with the Health Club (+65 6213-4070) for a walk-in preview or email