You Can Put My Face Through This Mud

Contrary to popular opinion, when it comes to keeping a clean face, I’m not one who wastes time examining pores and skin blemishes in the mirror. The less time it takes me, the BETTER.


So when the sample bottle of Nivea Men’s Mud Serum Foam came along, I was skeptical because it had a rather elaborate name for a cleanser. I foolishly thought there were three steps involved in the cleaning process. MUD-SERUM-FOAM. What kind of science project was this? Is this a fancy name for facial soap?

But I was wrong. It couldn’t be simpler.


There’s an easy-to-use hand pump that gives you a small dollop, perfect for a normal-sized face (phew, I have a normal-sized face). Then the science part breaks own the process very clearly.

You lather the mud gently into your face for a minute, making sure it gets into the skin while getting all foamy, then wash it off with warm water (so your pores open) before drying gently with a face towel.

The MUD unclogs and removes all the impurities from your skin, while the FOAM removes excess oil from your pores. Finally, the SERUM keeps your face hydrated so your skin doesn’t go thirsty. I’ve been using it every morning and evening and I must say the verdict is in. I approve!

And the best surprise of all, it smells like a stroll on the beach at the crack of dawn, all fresh and invigorating. At $12.90 a bottle, it’s easy AND affordable. That the truth serum talking.